The Team

Penelope Gandhi Mission is supported by internationally distinguished personalities from various fields of the Sciences and Arts.  Ms. Hélène Glykatzi-Ahrweiler heads the team of the mission.  Parts of the Mission are Professors from the University of Crete and foreign universities, the Research Center for the Greek Folklore of the Academy of Athens, the Museum of Cycladic Art, the Chania Lyceum Club of Greek Women and the European school. Weavers from Crete, doctors, teachers, and people who respect and protected the sacred art of weaving by dying the threads naturally.

Personalities from India, Persia (Iran) and Palestine distinguished for their social work, are also part of the Penelope Gandhi Mission.

Ms. Barbara Terzaki is the inspirer and coordinator of the Penelope-Gandhi mission.

We believe that nothing has influenced most the human soul as the loss of silence and meditation, something that were a given in the past.  The living tradition and the slow unfolding of time are the true values and the power that brings the soul to different levels.

All the participants of the Penelope-Gandhi Mission are volunteers and this is our comparative advantage.  There is the hope for inspiration of more and more people in order to support the sacred Penelope-Gandhi mission, which saves and highlights the national roots.