The “Sacred art of Weaving in Crete today”


Who we are

The Penelope Gandhi Mission is a pioneering project of the University of the Mountains.

For the past 20 years, the Penelope Gandhi team has:

  • recorded, utilised, preserved and promoted the riches of Weaving.
  • created Weaving Faculties / Homes across Greece.
  • made audio and video recordings of meetings with women master-weavers, weaving techniques, tools, materials, decorations and motifs.
  • intervened creatively in society, developing small-scale, high-value economies and new cottage-industry forms of production.
  • made Greek and Cretan culture international again, connecting it to the world of culture, art and science, and placing the Cretan art of weaving on the Greek UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.
  • sowed flax, farmed silk, processed wool and produced handmade yarn.
  • used natural plant and mineral dyes and porphyry, faithfully continuing the practices of Cretan women since the time of Minos.
  • created numbered, certified textiles and cloth and recreated textiles depicted in Minoan art, for sale on the international market, to museums and private collections.
  • had scientists in a variety of fields teach primary-school children the art of Weaving, which our Mission has been successful in incorporating as an elective subject in the flexible curriculum, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.



Penelope Gandhi mission (2016)

Penelope Gandhi mission (2016)

Frequent Q&A about Penelope Gandhi Mission 

Mission Penelope Gandhi Presentation (2014)

The loom which first created the University of the Mountains