St. Mark's Basilica

The first action took place on The 1st of November 2012, with a fortnightly Exhibition-Interaction, at the Basilica of St. Mark in Heraklion.In the context of the Exhibition, four looms operated, from the four prefectures of Crete with folk weavers, which interpreted in a regular way the art of the loom. The process from pure field, to pure sheep, to the creation of yarn that is natural, cotton, wool, silk and flax, painted with colors from nature. To rush us for time that is not money, is not measured by working hours but is fundamentally their being, the breath, the thought, the fate and the lament, the song along with the glory and the doctrine.

The team of the Penelope Gandhi Mission also organized speeches, small studies, under the guidance and shelter of the great Greek Mrs. Eleni Glykatzi-Ahrweiler and in collaboration with distinguished female personalities, who came for the Mission from India, Persia, Palestine, talked with the local weavers and children, presenting the common motivo, xoblia and plumes that their homelands and Crete have.