Enviroments of the Mountains

As regards the action of the UoM in the sector of residential environment, members of the Faculty of Architecture, led by the Dean Mr. Gryspolakis, organized a series of field trips to photograph sensitive areas in the villages of Sfakia. The aim was to provide students with the raw material for their surveys which would result in proposals for reconstruction works. The plan is to cover the entire prefecture of Chania by 2010 and then expand this project to the prefecture of Rethymnon.

In the context of the European Economic Space (EES) for the marketing of the agricultural products of Crete and the protection of the environment, ad hoc meetings were organized with local producers during the Autumn.



Actions and Meetings

Traditional Kafeneia for men and women, all around Crete

Kafeneia are taking place right after the medical examinations are over, during the excursions of the University of the Mountains


  • 24/08/2012, Men’s coffee shop in the village Rodakino, Agios Vasilios, Rethymno.
  • 13-14/07/2012, Men’s coffee shop in the village Asi Gonia.