The University

  • Changing the pattern of prosperity
  • Symbiotic teaching with peer teaching as a tool to connect experience and science
  • The protection of the human and natural environment
  • The rejection of over-consumption and extreme individualism
  • Sustainable development with the recovery of lost human relationships and the cultural identity of small societies
  • Strengthening the traditional economy with modern management tools
  • Getting rid of the debt economy and subsidies and eliminating delinquency
  • The redefinition of human happiness with human indicators and not with income data

Modern societies are made up of "urban societies" in which rural people, especially those living in remote areas, are isolated, discouraged and driven to frustration, while the global average type of person with a job and some education is becoming more widespread, but without the personality that sets him apart from others, as in earlier times.


The University of the Mountains is a voluntary non-profit organization, a member of the Mountain Partnership-Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


For the realization of the goals of the University of the Mountains, mutual teaching courses are held in school units of the mountainous and remote areas, with interactive educational interventions between students, urban areas and those of the countryside.

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