The philosophy of Education of the University of Mountains.

The ‘’ University of Mountains’’ is a newly established institution, with Mr ioannis Pallikaris, the Dean of the University of Crete oh the main inspirator, obviously this institution is regarded as the Quintessence of several  ideas in the framework of his scientific team

The University of Mountains responding to an exclamation of dismay: Where are the people of spirit? With the motto going as follows: man has to be the measure of all things, aims at the co-existence of scientific and experiential knowledge, at the mutuality of the scientific community and folklore wisdom, has a claim over and at the sometime attends indiscriminately the man’s existential needs.

The University of Mountains constitutes an institution of the offer of innovative actions and sciehtific services to people who have Q highly difficult access to scientific knowledge and social providence in the substantial and etymological weaning of the term.

The firm belief of the University of Mountains is that the people who work out ih the fields (and not only them)have inherited invaluable accumulated, experiential knowledge by numerous genetations through the centuries. In other words, the belief of the university of Mountains is that it can contribute to the best taking of advantage of this kind of knowledge by its possessors (that is ,the people who have this knowledge),to the common benefit or all the in habitants of this island.

Consequently, the University of Mountains aspires to make experiential knowledge be highlighted, capitalized and fertilized with scientific knowledge, wherever there is a relevance or compatibility between them ,to benefit all the people.

A positive ‘side- effect’ of an approach like this will be the essential communication aiming at the social cohesion of the Cretan people and the creation of an awareness which can ameliorate the self-perception and the confidence of the Cretan people.

This positive ‘ Side- effect’ is going to definitely result in  a bidirectional relations hip of human interaction, regardless of scientific background, experiential, human, Cretan dimensions.

A bidirectional relationship of human contact, regardless of educational background, with learning, experiential, human, Cretan dimensions.

As such, the University of Mountains is characterized and at the same time promotes an educational philosophy of the education. The belief of the University of Mountains is that the lack of education, characterizing Modern Creece, in the course of time, constitures the basic reason of our abjection nowadays, in the sense that:

Education does not have to do with the linear relation of the years of education (obligatory or not) and the consequent production of degrees (with or without face value).

Instead, education aims at the transubstantiation of knowledge scientific and experiential-into a belief and attitude of life-into an obriculate and multidimensional shaping of a critical person, participating, as an active citizen, with a specialized knowledge (both for the earrung of a living and professional), critical skills and abilities, social and consequently democratic conscience, ecological and consuming conscience, empathy and interembracing.



Mutual teaching of students of Primary and Secondary Education which has been realized by the actions of the University of Mountains.

The vision and the proposals of the University of Mounts. Pedagogic approach of the understanding by the professor Mr. Ioannis Pallikaris 

20/03/2010, Performance “The small prince” in oropedion Lasithiou.

30/10/2009, Psycho pedagogic intervention in the primary school of Livadia, province of Mylopotamos, Aikaterini Venianaki , Rethymnon.

10/10/2009, Pedagogic interventions by Mr Kostas Karras, teacher of the department of pedagogics of primary education of the University of Crete, in the senior High school of Krana

13/04/2009, Folklore civilization and politics as the basic point in the philosophy related to the establishment of the principles of the University of Mountains by M rs Varvara Terzaki-Pallikari, member of the Executive Committee of the University of Mountains, sacred Monastery of Diskourion,Pethymnon-29KB.

You and we All together junior High school of Krana, secondany Education, Prefecture of Rethymnon 7th General Lyceum of Heraklion, secondary education of the prefecture of Heraklion in Co-operation with the University of Mountains

10/11/2009, Intervention in junior High School of Krana

The school years of Nikos Kazantzakis-speech by Maria Tzenaki, school counselor of the First (A) circumference and member of the team of Education of the University of Mountains                                                                                                            

Presentation of the book of George Panayiotakis :

Presentation of Book titled ‘’ From the Second Christian Girls” school of Heraklion to the 7th primary school of Heraklion (1899-2010)”,Maria N. Tzenaki, school counselor of the First circumference of primary Education of Heraklion

January 2010-Anniversary meeting in Vosakos-Brief and indicative presentation of the actions of the school of the sciences of Citizenship of the University of Crete, Professor P.G.Mihailidis

18/01/2008,Speech by the professor Ioannis Pallikaris in Vosakos on the issue:

‘’University of the Mountains